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 19/04 : Angelina Caserta stoupy

 19/04 : Pauline Covo

 19/04 : Pieter Daenen

 19/04 : Serge Di prima

 19/04 : Jean-baptiste Lissarrague

 19/04 : Philippe Marliere

 19/04 : Charlotte Nicaise

 19/04 : Antoni Ortega

 19/04 : Patrick Paulus

 19/04 : Coraline Ramaekers

 19/04 : Francis Remy

 19/04 : Angelina Stoupy caserta

 19/04 : Gert Van putte


 20/04 : Christopher Barnes

 20/04 : Virginie Bouche

 20/04 : Pascal De lophem

 20/04 : Gilles De ridder

 20/04 : Samuel Deschenes

 20/04 : Michel Francois

 20/04 : Pierre Germeau

 20/04 : Francois Leroy

 20/04 : Florine Manier

 20/04 : Thewissen Muriel

 20/04 : Frank Roobaert

 20/04 : Jose camilo Sanchez aldana

 5 days

 21/04 : Abdulaziz A.saeed

 21/04 : Gabriel Cartron

 21/04 : Benjamin Dekeyser

 21/04 : Marie Diaz

 21/04 : Josiane Donnay

 21/04 : Julien Dugauquier

 21/04 : Hugo Fiashi

 21/04 : Joseph Leclercq

 21/04 : Josephe Leclercq

 21/04 : Florentin Lepoint

 21/04 : Zino Scheers

 21/04 : Erica Schmal

 21/04 : William Timmons

 21/04 : Rudi Van den block

 22/04 : Jean-philippe Danneau

 22/04 : Valentin Doudelet

 22/04 : Jan Goossens

 22/04 : Pierre Hachez

 22/04 : Jean-michel Imiolek

 22/04 : Eddy Lambert

 22/04 : Vincianne Laurent

 22/04 : Philippe Luc

 22/04 : Alain Matteeussen

 22/04 : Oscar Moise ortiz

 22/04 : Noemie Paitoni

 22/04 : Louis Princelle

 22/04 : Lucas Saladini

 22/04 : Johan Spolspoel

 22/04 : Valerie Steinert

 23/04 : Yaaqoub A.almallahi

 23/04 : Theo Combelles

 23/04 : Mireille Crockaert

 23/04 : Dominique Devos

 23/04 : Myriam Gheldman

 23/04 : Jonathan Lamiroy

 23/04 : Marina Otero ormeno

 23/04 : Dylan Vander elst

 23/04 : Joel Vandermeulen

 24/04 : Richard Budhan

 24/04 : David Del vecchio

 24/04 : Samuel Depypere

 24/04 : Marc Ettore

 24/04 : Muhmmad Imran

 24/04 : Soufiane Jaffal

 24/04 : Luigi Lauriola

 24/04 : Eric Leblanc

 24/04 : Peter Michiels

 24/04 : Ronny Verley

 24/04 : Dominique Yernaux

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Jacky Marino

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Pascal Mossiat

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Dear divers and friends,

The ADIP-CEPID drew up an eco-diver charter willing to offer a quality asset for your future diving and walking under water.

In those past ten years, we are more and more subject to phenomenons presented in the press, as for instance the quick disappearance of species, the many and recurrent pollutions, the overcrowding of the inshore space (it shelters almost 50% of the world crowding), the over fishing, the global warming of our oceans……Only this last phenomenon could, by itself, in the next 5 decades, end up to the total annihilation of the big Australian coral reef.

Our natural resources and our biodiversity are becoming extremely important. Each gesture carried out everyday can lead us to a definitive loss of our legacy. That is a question of choice that can contribute to preserve it and to enable it getting restored.

The short-lived beauty we are still lucky to explore must be given back to our children.

And if thanks to our deeds we could be able to offer them a better world? With the will of acting we can make this utopia real !

Therefore being individually aware of the environment crisis, as at the world level as local level, is essential.

We often accuse the other ones about this crisis but, let’s remind ourselves we are the initial points of pollution, the waste over consumption…

Because of cumulated effect that each person contributes to disaster.

Nevertheless, we can start deciding to act. Snowball effect can be set up on many ways, as for instance, by doing car-sharing, by refusing plastic bags, by boycotting shark finbased food, by adapting one’s diving techniques.

Though your commitment, if it is not really the case, you will see your own circle evolving too! It’s a pleasure to share evolution in that way !

We encourage to sign the eco-diving charter. The ADIP-CEDIP commits to make it evolve and to communicate you the changes. You can also make it evolve with your suggestions and remarks. We will take them into account.

You could start by targeting a whole of gestures that could seem feasible to you before widely opening your eco-gestures at once and to make your scuba-diving uncomfortable; the real goal is to enable you to evolve by keeping the viviality of the diving !

Download the chart :     

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