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For detailed biographies :

Archimède (287 - 212 av.JC)

A physicist and mathematician born in Syracuse in Sicily. He is known for divers have laid the foundations for the calculation of the buoyancy due to its principle described on page physical Laws. He was a genius, he invented a hoist, the lever, gear and mobile phones (check this last point).


Paul Bert (1833 - 1886)

Physiologiste and french politician known for his work on living tissue. In 1873, he discovered the effects on the body of oxygen under pressure: the crisis hyperoxic.


Robert Boyle (1627 - 1691)

Irish, often called 'father of chemistry'. He was the first to suggest a classification of elements according to their chemical properties and a distinction between the molecules and elements. It is especially known for his work on gas, celà to see the famous law of Boyle Mariotte-page on physical laws. He found that air had weight. It is the first in 1670, to study the presence of bubbles in the blood of dead animals.


Jacques-Yves Cousteau (1910 - 1997)

He popularized scuba diving in the world. He has made dozens of films submarines, written over 50 books. His fame gave him the means to educate several generations the beauty and fragility of the underwater environment.


John Dalton (1766 - 1844)

He formulated in 1801 the law of addition of partial pressures in the gas mixtures, we find the different statements on page Physical Laws.


Emile Gagnan (? - ?)

Engineer specializing in gas and inventor of a miniature regulator (for the time). In 1943, at the request of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, he will adapt to the scuba diving autonomous air.


William Henry (1765 - 1836)

English physicist and chemist. In 1903, he stated the law on the dissolution of gases in liquids. It has its place in the page of physical laws.


James Lorrain Smith (1862 - 1931)

In 1897, he studied inflammation of the lungs in a high partial pressure of oxygen. This intoxication is now called 'effect Lorrain Smith.' They spoke on the page dealing with hyperoxie.


Yves le Prieur (1885 - 1963)

Inventor of the spacesuit Autonomous Region: the diver carries its reserve compressed air and manages the flow manually. The first experiments took place in 1926. The military inventive created all kinds of weapons. Nobody is perfect.


Edme Mariotte (1620 - 1684)

In 1676, this french monk completes Boyle's law by adding 'constant temperature', which gives us the famous law of Boyle Mariotte-page Laws of Physiques.


Evangelista Torricelli(1608 - 1647)

Italian physicist who in 1643 measured atmospheric pressure using the experiment described on page 'pressure'.